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 FineArt Secret

Install The Plugin on MacOS

Download link for MacOs

Step 1: download FineArt Secret Panel

Note:  Closed photoshop before install

Attention: recommend photoshop 2018 and later for best experiences

1. Install

Download link for Windows

Step 2: Chose Continue to start Install

Step 3: close photoshop before start install

Step 4: Chose Continue

Step 5: you need Agree to our terms of the software license agreement before install, and chose Install 

Step 6: input your password and chose Install Software for finish Installing

Step 1: Restart Photoshop ( if open)

2. Open FineArt Secret Panel

Step 2: Chose Windows/Extensions/FineArt Retouch Secret for Open the Panel

Step 3: active panel

Make sure you use photoshop 2018 or later, if you use photoshop old verion, Panel may not work well.

lf you use Mac M1, your photoshop dont show Extensions, so please take a look at this page for your solution: Click Here

3. Active Panel

If you Panel not active yet, you will have a notification like this

Chose "Active" to Active your license
If you already pay, please type your email register when paying, our system will send to you your key to active license via email.
If not pay yet, you can chose "Buy Panel" to buy you license

After you get your active key, put your license key you get via email and chose Active to finish this step. And enjoy your retouching.
If you want Trial, chose "Start Trial", Panel will tell you when your Trial will end, you have 7 days Trial for using all function for FREE

4. Ending Trial to active your license

Chose "Ending Trial" for finish your Trial

then put your key and chose Active to finish your activation and enjoy your Retouching.

5. Ending license for change to another computer

Chose "Ending license"
Attention: one license only use for one computer, if you want change to another computer or re-install your OS, you need to "Ending license", if not, you key cannot active again. We dont have responsibilities for this if you not Ending your license.

Do step 3 again for setting on new OS or new computer

7.  Retouch Tutorial

Chose Tutorials and enjoy our retouch tutorial on youtube, how to create FineArt

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